81 LS1 Trans Am

Updated 09-Sept-2003

More delays!!!  I was laid of from my job in June and started a new job right after, only thing is the new job is almost all travel.  This means that the family takes my free time and the swap gets very little.  All free time is with family and home projects not on the swap.  I have had very little progress over the summer.  I'm hoping to get going soon.


Objective: Update a 2nd gen fbody with a modern EFI engine. Obtain mid 12 second 1/4 times with a highway MPG of 20 and pass emission testing with room to spare. This seems to be the goal of almost every LS1 swapper.

The project will be done in three major phases:

1. Install drive train in as original and unmodified form as possible and make a driver out of it.
2. Paint the car
3. Performance modifications

Phase 1

Fit engine and fabricate motor mounts and trans mount. Updated 04-19-03
Fit and install hydraulic clutch system to original automatic car. Updated 09-10-02
Fabricate a high-pressure electric fuel system.
Modify wiring harness.
Install new gear in original rear.
Install cooling system with electric fans.

Phase 2
Paint - With help from my brother-in-law this will be done concurrently with phase 1. Since my my brother-in-law seems as busy as me this isn't happening either.

Phase 3
Be patient, need to finish phase one and two first.